O+N is Organic plus Natural.

We believes that natural goodness is the way to go for a healthy, balanced life. And our elder have told us “HEALTH IS WEALTH”
That's why everything that emerges from the O+N house is always pure, authentic, organic and natural. Our spices and herbs are unprocessed – retaining their natural goodness and nutritional value. Our spices are wholesome and have their essential oils intact – imparting undiluted aroma and flavour into your food. The blended spices are grown in the farms of Uttrakhand by local farmers using traditional agriculture techniques. We don’t use any fertilizers or pesticide or any chemical usage at any point of growth so as to retain this aroma till the last usage.

We offer two variations of spices and herbs ..

  • Natural – Grown in its natural Habitat like Jakhiya Grown in Kumaon
  • Organic – Grown without use of chemicals and machine processing.

We believe in bringing moments of delight in every meal, packed with unique nutritional benefits. This is our genesis – “Add a little to life”


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Himalayan Jakhiya

An essential spice in Garhwali Cuisine

Jakhiya is also known as wild mustard or dog mustard. The seeds are small, dark brown or black. The plant is found in tropics throughout the world and is used in traditional medicine in many parts of India and outside. Almost all the parts of the plant are used for treating diseases. The spices grow in the wild or in fallow land of the region. The Indo-Mongoloid Bhotia tribe of Garhwal has traditionally been collecting their spices from higher Alpine riches and dry temperate forests in areas with 500 m to 1,500 m altitude. They also grow the condiments in their cropland and kitchen gardens and sell them to people living in low altitudes, sometimes even use them for bartering.

Benefits of Jakhiya .

& Powerful Remedies.

The oil extracted from jakhiya seeds has medicinal properties. Fresh oil of crushed seeds is used for treating infantile convulsions mental disorders. Several published studies have shown that leaves of Cleome viscosa are useful in healing wounds and ulcers. It is helpful in malarial fevers, fevers due to indigestion, skin diseases, leprosy, blood diseases, and uterine complaints, remove ..Kaph, (phlegm), cure earache. ulcers and many more....

Recipes of Jakhiya.

Testy & Healthy.

Recepies of Jakhia

Although you can make several dishes like
Jakhiya Aloo,
Malai Lauki,
Tadka Dal,
Chaulai etc.
They all are tempered with Jakhiya. But the most famous recepie of jakhiya is : Jakhiya Aloo

Recepie of Jakhiya walle Aloo

Jakhiya aloo are great with hot parathas, dal rice and ghee, even as snacks with drinks (I can picture all my mother in laws giving me a look here), they also make a fabulous snack by themselves. I usually serve them as appetisers prior to my Garhwali meals. If Pahadi aloo are unavailable, substitue with baby potatoes or large potatoes cut into big chunks, with the skin on, do not cut them too small or they might overcook. Mustard oil is preferable for distinct flavour but ghee will do in a pinch. Heeng is a very important flavour in Garwali cuisine and we get really good heeng in Ddun of which a little granule goes a very long way so if you are using commercial heeng a generous pinch will need to go in. The chillies we use are small potent ones that grow in our garden, 4-5 are quite spicy, depending on the heat of your chillies adjust the quantities. Unfortunately there is no substitute for the Jakhiya however. Cumin can be used of course but then you will have jeera aloo, not jakhiya aloo. What you are aiming for is in-your-face spicy, tangy, salty crunchy result so adjust flavours accordingly. The coriander is optional, I like it when I serve these as an appetiser but it does not always work with rotis or dal rice.

Ingredients for Jakhiya walle Aloo

1 kg Pahadi Aaloo, halved, skin on
3 tbsp Mustard oil
1 tiny granule DDun walla Heeng OR 1/ tsp of cmmercial heeng
1-2 tbsp Jakhiya
4-5 small dry red chillies
10-12 cloves garlic
Salt: to taste
Juice of 1 lime
1/2 cup coriander leaves, finely chopped (optional)

Method for Jakhiya walle Aloo

Heat the oil in a nice heavy kadhai, when hot but not smoking, add the hing, if using the stron Dehra dun one thats granular, let the granule fry and break it up. With commercial hing it will cook in seconds so dont let it burn. Add the jakhiya and let it crackle. THe oil should be hot and the jakhiya should crackle for best flavours. Do not add jakhiya to cool oil. Once it crackles add the chillies and garlic, lower flame and saute till garlic is golden. Add the potatoes, and mix well. Add the salt, and toss well again. Cook on a low flame, tossing occaisionally for 15-20 minutes until the potatoes are cooked through and the skins are wrinkly and crispy. When done take of heat, add lemon juice and coriander and mix well. Transfer to a serving bowl, Garnish with freshly chopped coriander leaves, and serve hot.

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An essential spice in Garhwali Cuisine.